Our Story

VIctoria CIGarette or VICIG is a UK’s leading company continuously working on revolutionising the electronic vaping devices, offering a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking and a potential device for smoking cessation, making it safer, more convenient, and overwhelmingly fulfilling. VICIG offers the best electronic vapour kits with a variety of enticed flavours ranging from fruit to menthol and tobacco, matching all tastes and meeting high-level production requirements.

Our Mission

Representing a less harmful mode of nicotine delivery compared with inhalation of smoke from combustible cigarettes, our mission is to provide all VICIG users with the highest quality of electronic vaping devices, actively contributing to the worldwide development of healthier nicotine replacement.

Having over (years?) of experience in the vaping industry, our passion is to produce exciting experiences for VICIG consumers that are as safe as they are satisfying.

Our Vision

With the glorification of electronic vapes due to the lower number and levels of toxicants in aerosol from electronic cigarettes than from tobacco smoke and its perceived lack of adverse health effects, our vision in the foreseeable future is to assist established smokers in quitting smoking and switching to VICIG vaping while ensuring efficacy and safety.